Get out to VOTE, nominate, and have a voice in SCBC. We really need your input in the directions SCBC should go. I hope you can make it to our new meeting day:  2nd TUESDAYS.  This month, April 8, SCBC members will be voting for President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Our current Secretary, Karen, is stepping down and we need someone else to step up.  Could it be you?

Thank you to all Board Members for their service this year. When I started SCBC, I didn’t think there would be very much for a bike club to do.  But, it is amazing the community events we help support for riders – organized rides like Fruit Yard Century, Ride For Mom, Cancer Awareness Run & Ride, Turlock Lake Road Race, Peace Officers Ride, Ride to Stop Cancer, Covered Bridge Ride, and others.

Then, we are representatives on StanCOG Bicycle Advisory, Modesto Bicycle Advisory, and Turlock Bicycle Advisory. We also support financially:  Soroptimist with helmets for kids, City of Modesto helmets for kids, 2nd Harvest Food Bank, Share-the-Road signs, and other outreaches as they present themselves.

We also go out to other community events to share information about our club, promote safe riding and sharing the road.  And we work to keep SCBC a strong, vibrant voice in the community.  According to records, the more numbers of visible riders, the fewer accidents. Come ride with us and be involved,

Susan Dion, President
Stanislaus County Bicycle Club

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Have you considered having more of a voice in SCBC? Would you consider being a Board Member?  You can’t believe all the ways we have an impact on riding in Stanislaus County.  We do make a difference.  Be part of the team.

The Board has three elected officials:  president, secretary, and treasurer.  This year, we will be needing a new secretary. Nominations for all positions will be taken now.  Please send them to me.  We vote in April for these positions.

But we also have positions that have become very important to our club:  ride coordinator, volunteer coordinator, FYC chair, membership coordinator, newsletter editor, meetings coordinator, bicycle advocacy, events coordinator….the list goes on.

As we have grown to 225 members, the club has more various needs to address and we would love your input.  There is a place which could use your strengths.  Think about it.  Write in!


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The new year brings many things for SCBC to do. Please sign-up to help in one or two events.

First, and most importantly, we need members on our FRUIT YARD CENTURY PLANNING COMMITTEE.  This committee meets once a month from Jan. – Oct. and helps to organize all the things that make the FYC a success.  WE REALLY NEED NEW PEOPLE AND IDEAS for the FYC to continue.  The Board Members are willing to help but we can’t do it alone!  Bring your fantastic ideas and willingness to work in a group.

Secondly, sign-up to help at one more event through-out the year.  We help and support many area rides, have an information booth at many events and support other area causes.  I enjoy sharing my love for riding and my concern for rider safety at these events. I hope you can join me, too.  We will have a year-at-a-glance sign-up sheet on-line and at meetings.

One of the first events we help with is the Modesto Marathon. We ride through the riders and provide assistance when needed.  Its a great way to ride and be an ambassador for SCBC.  I need 6 people who will be able to do this – Sunday, Mar. 23.

Thirdly, we need people who are willing to be ride leaders for our weekend rides.  We are hoping to be a better support for riders by having someone from SCBC promise to be there.  We will be having a ‘training’ night for anyone who might be interested in this new role.  From our Survey Monkey results, we can tell this is an area in which we need to improve.  More information to come.

Thanks for being such a fantastic group of people to work and ride beside!


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By now, you have seen many more of our Share The Road Signs. SCBC, with a donation from Ride For Mom, has begun posting these signs across Stanislaus County.

These signs are going up a few at a time and some of you have requested certain spots for them.  We are listening, so please continue to give us your suggestions as to where you need the 47 signs that we bought.  We are covering many of the routes that SCBC members ride regularly.  We know that there are other roads that need them as well.  Thank you for your input to help make our roads more safe for all riders in Stanislaus County.

We had a great turn out on New Years Day! A big thank you to all our kitchen volunteers, SAG drivers and OBS for their support out in Del Puerto Canyon.

Jack had all the details on-line in our weekly RideMinder.  Don’t forget to check the Ride-Minder weekly for our club rides and many other area rides.  There are rides almost everyday.

You can ride with a group any time – just check the website or the postings on  Remember you can post your own ride intentions and invite others to join your ride!

Happy New Year!


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